SinfulAndroid is Back!

Welcome to SinfulAndroid 2.0! Finally, a new beginning with great ideas, friends from all around and fans eager to learn!

The History of SinfulAndroid

SinfulAndroid was started in July 2015, although this wasn’t my (TechX) first site for hosting Android APK modifications and tools. Before SA, I had a website called RRR3volution. RRR3volution opened up in January 2016 to exclusively sell Racing Rivals apk hacks because I had features in my APK’s that no one else had. Auto Launch and Auto NOS, and “Force Paint” as the community calls it. With some major breakthroughs of selling the RRR3volution apk for around $10 a pop, I bought myself a new PC and setup SinfulAndroid. SinfulAndroid was initially designed around the idea of a forum back when there were many Android based game modification forums around. There’s not as many now, but I definitely want to bring the feeling back.

SinfulAndroid 2.0 will be better than ever. A more Professional look, releases from more people than just me, places for people to request modifications, tutorials, videos, tools to make modding easier and of course, apk hack downloads for many of the popular games out there. Unlike other websites though, SinfulAndroid won’t “mass produce” basic mods with hundreds of games. We’ll be focusing on a select few popular games and tear them to shreds! For learning purposes of course… Games like CSR2, Racing Rivals, Nitro Nation Online, Bowling by Belmonte and many more. The more people show their talents and want to release with us, the more games we’ll have time to hack and share! The more tutorials we can put out to teach you guys!

Let’s put SinfulAndroid back on the map and get into it!