CSR Racing 2 1.23.1 Regal Treize APK Mod

Many of you may not know Regal Treize. I (TechX) met him through the CSR 2 hacking and modding community. This guys apk mods are bar none the best. He even claims this is the single best APK mod he’s ever made. I think I agree with him. The best part about him modding APK’s is that the money he makes doesn’t go to him for just fun stuff, it goes to his rescued dogs! He uses the money to pay for surgeries, other vet bills, the food for them, etc. What an amazing thing to do. That’s why here at SinfulAndroid, we’re proud to be apart of and friends with Regal. This is to help him spread and pay for those bills. Keep doing what you’re doing man, its amazing.

*** Regal and SinfulAndroid are not held accountable if your account gets banned for use with modified APK’s. These are considered cheating and should be respected as such. ***

How this works with Regal: Pay with the PayPal.me link below And he will personally forward links to your PayPal email address.
His Paypal.me Address: Regal’s Paypal.me Page
Price for APK Mod: £15GBP = $20USD
All of this is straight off his Facebook post which we do have permission to post this here. The post is here: Regal’s APK Mod Post


    This is the only APK with this mod available in it
  • 13 Parts in inventory, infinite for every car and manufacture.
    This Does NOT affect your current inventory
    This is the only APK with this mod. (see Facebook post video to understand)
  • **NEW STAGE 6 MOD**
    Creates stage 6 from fitting stage 1. No Voids during Live Races!
    This is the only APK with this mod. No Voids during Live Races!
  • Create A New Crew Costs 1 Gold
  • Change Locked In Car Cost 1 Gold
  • Elite License Cost 1 Gold
  • No Gear Shift Prompts
  • No Launch Button In Live Races!
    Auto Launch just like the other races in CSR2
  • All Customization Costs 1 Gold
  • Jerry’s Rewards
  • Infinite Fuel
  • Infinite Refills
  • Infinite Cash/Gold
  • Live Race While Banned
  • Free Flash Rare Imports
  • Free Rare Imports
  • Free Car/Part Delivery
  • Free Stage Upgrades
  • Free Fusion Parts
  • Free Car Stripping
  • Free Dyno
  • Free Fusion Removal (When Car Stripping)
  • Free Stage 6 Removal (When Car Stripping)
  • Free Fusion Removal
  • Free Stage Removal
  • Infinite Fusion
  • Increased Fusion Parts (When Car Stripping)
  • Paying Gold gives cars Gold Stars
  • Paying Cash gives cars Purple Stars
  • All Cars Available for Purchase in Showroom
    iAp/Team/Boss/Elite/70th/Porsche 70th
  • Cars Cost 13Cash/13Gold
  • Race Restrictions Removed
  • Stage 6 Parts Free and available
  • Super Zoom In/Out in Garage
  • No Purchase Data Left in NSB
  • No Car Purchase Shown in Team Chat
  • Fast EP Tuning

The Stealth Mod

  • Open 100 rare imports and it never shows you opened 1!
  • Max a car! You never need a single part! And it never shows one in inventory.
  • Not one stage 6 needed.
  • Or shows in inventory
  • Currently all accounts used on stealth mode have not been banned. TRUE ANTIBAN. For the First time ever. TESTED.
  • Only works on previously unbanned accounts

Once again, you can pay Regal the 15GBP/20USD At his Paypal.Me Link Below and he will email your Paypal email the download links!