Racing Rivals


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Features Discovered

This is a list of features I've discovered myself while working on the game.


Attempted Features

This is a short list of features I've attempted to add, but haven't quite gotten working yet.

  • Auto-Launch with NOS emulation based on Lights (FIXED)
  • All Cars visible in Showroom.
  • Body Kits for Prize Cars (semi-fixed)
  • Matte Paint Jobs on Non-Paintable Cars
  • Money Exploit via Campaign Races (FIXED)
  • All Paints Visible via Customize Paint
  • Buy Pro Parts without Upgrades (FIXED)
  • Opponents can't Hear Your Turbo/Supercharger
  • Gem Exploit via Google Play Store (FIXED)
  • Instant Install (FIXED)
  • Auto-Shifting at Perfect Shift RPM (FIXED)
  • All Gem Based Items for sale with Cash (FIXED)
  • Vehicle Duplication (FIXED)
  • Anti-Lag Feature (No track loading, black screen)
  • Unlimited Daily Challenge Races (FIXED)
  • Auto Win Functions (FIXED)
  • Reaction Time Control (FIXED)
  • Estimated Race Time Control (FIXED)
  • Speed Manipulation (FIXED)
  • Uninstall Parts via Function Modification (FIXED)

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Racing Rivals, Some History


This goes over all the features, game play modifications and general review of the game created by CIE Games, published by Glu Mobile.


Racing Rivals has been available for public play since August of 2013. The game started out being available for iOS only through the Apple App Store, but did eventually make its way to Android in 2014.


A lot of people don't know that Racing Rivals had a private beta based within the countries of Russia and Canada before its release in 2013. The games name was Fueled Racing, and was first available in June of 2013. A small but dedicated community of Nitto 1320 Legends racers jumped at the chance to play the game; making themselves App Store accounts based within the country of Russia just to test out what they dubbed as "V3" of a game series they had all come to know and love, the Nitto drag racing series.


At the start of the Racing Rivals debut on iOS, there weren't many exploits to the game. There were simple exploits via the creation of Dynamic Libraries for Jailbroken iOS devices, but that was about it. Within the first two days of the games release, a Money Exploit had already been discovered and released publically via the website iAppHacks. It was a Dynamic Library exploit that modified the number of Perfect Shifts a car did during a single race. Hackers set the number to something like one million, and in turn, made millions of dollars of in in game currency. From here, the hacks grew in number, but it didn't get really serious until the games release for Android in 2014.



Racing Rivals: Sinful Arrives


This is when things got serious.


When the game was released in 2014, this is when I really jumped at the chance to play and modify the game. I had experience already using jailbroken tools like Flex 2, but that was nothing compared to what I needed to learn to modify the game as it sat on its release for Android.


When the game released for Android, I realized very quickly that they had completely changed the way the game worked at a source code level. Instead of using the binary files and the classes.dex file to run all the code in the game, they switched to reading the code from the DLL files within the Data folders. I had a little experience with DLL file modification, but not enough to modify Racing Rivals at the time as it sat.


After a few months of moping around, I discovered the tools of .NET Reflector and a plugin titled Reflexil. Using these tools, hacks took off for Racing Rivals on Android. Using this tool, in combination of WinRAR and an APK resigning tool, I cracked the game open and started modifying it like there was no tomorrow. The features to the right were all discovered over about the time span of 2 months. Modifying the game an an OpCode level (which Reflexil uses), I learned to code the custom functions that make up that feature list.


Racing Rivals is a great game, and it has taught me a great deal more about the modification at an Assembly based level. If you enjoy high stakes racing or just something to pass the time. Pick up Racing Rivals from the App Store or Google Play.